MegaSun Imports Premium, Innovative Ranges Using Premium, Researched, Tested Ingredients, & Cutting Edge Technology

Solar Cosmetics, the official name for tanning products, include Accelerators, Boosters, Maximisers and Extenders. At megaSun, we use our extensive background knowledge and studies in cosmetic science to ensure we offer our clients the best possible results; both on tanning and non-tanning days.

POWER TAN Supercharged, products from the UK. Specifically chosen for supreme results, the ranges include:

*24k Supercharged Carrot Oil Collection
* 24-Hour Non-Stop Hybrid Tanning
* Onyx Premium Heat, Intense Tranning
* X-Power Hemp & Vitamin Enriched
* PowerTan Intense Dark Tanning

Important Notice: Megasun is the ONLY registered importer and Distributor for All Products.

Power Tan
Hybrid Tanning

A potent blend of active 24-hour tanning ingredients, combine to deliver a rapid and stunning dark tanning result. Using a unique complex of marine origin Algotan P® this highly innovative hybrid formulation is able to mimic the effects of sun light exposure to stimulate the skins natural production of melanin and achieve a stupendous 24-hour non-stop dark tanning result!


We are excited to launch an exceptional range of cutting-edge, innovative, patented technology tanning products, from the UK. The POWER TAN range was established in 1987. Each product is carefully researched before the formula is developed and tested, observing the most stringent manufacturing standards. Using only the finest ingredients, Power Tan ensures the best possible tan is achieved on both tanning and non-tanning days!

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The SOLANA range is a longstanding favourite with megaSun clients. The manufacturer has been a leader and pioneer in the design of unique, organic tanning products for over 30years in Canada. Each formula a carefully orchestrated by experienced cosmeticians, who blend science and nature to create an upmarket, luxury range, so beloved by tanners worldwide. This includes their patented plant based Tyrosine concentrate.

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DEFLECTORS™ DISPOSABLE 100% UV EYE PROTECTION offers a convenient and hygienic alternative to conventional salon eye protection. Deflectors are comfortable, lightweight, easy to assemble and a single use pair is offered to every client, prior to their sunbed session. Certified EN 166, EN 170 & EN 60335-2-27
Extra pairs are available to purchase at reception.

  • UVA & UVB Protection
  • Clear visibility
  • Medical grade adhesive
  • No tan-lines or panda eyes
  • Hygienic & disposable
  • Reflects heat & light

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Lucasol ® Products

LUCASOL® ONE STEP HOSPITAL GRADE DISINFECTANT & SANITISING CONCENTRATE is a hospital-grade super-germ killer formula, which appears on the  EPA List N: Disinfectants for Coronavirus (COVID-19). It is virucidal, bactericidal, fungicidal and tuberculocidal.
Lucasol® One Step is also available for surgeries, salons, spas etc to purchase. Please ask a manager for details.


LUCASOL® ANTIBACTERIAL AGENT, HOSPITAL GRADE PCMX SOAP SCRUB  is used by our staff, and available for client use in the bathroom. It contains the antibacterial agent chloroxylenol, or parachloro-meta-xylenol. PCMX is an antiseptic and disinfectant agent used for skin disinfection and surgical instruments.


LUCASOL® ACRYLIC CLEANER We all know what it’s like to visit a studio that doesn’t clean hot action (tingle) products from their sunbeds, and how uncomfortable it is for the unsuspecting client. At megaSun we use the patented Lucasol® Acrylic Cleaner to remove all traces of hot action product, prior to sanitising all touch zones.


HAND SANTISER In addition to the Lucasol® sanitiser and Lucasol® soap scrub, we always have hand sanitiser in the studio which we encourage everyone to use.

Hygiene, Disinfection and Sanitisation

Everyone expects impeccable standards of hygiene in a business that operates with a Health Licence. At megaSun, not only do we take this seriously, we always go the extra mile. Whether it’s cleaning the beds, equipment, cabins, bathrooms, staff areas or personal hygiene.


ALL Tanners should exfoliate at least twice weekly to ensure skin is in optimal condition when tanning.

Dead, dying and dry cells reflect the UV light away from the skin and reduces tanning potential.

All tanners should moisturise daily even on non-tanning days to keep the skin soft, supple and healthy 

The correct use of indoor tanning products, in addition to exfoliating and moisturising is imperative to encourage a maximum tan and keep skin from becoming dry and wrinkled.

Outdoor tanning products are NOT suitable for use on sunbeds. Not only can outdoor products damage equipment, they can also cause harm to skin, including burns when used inappropriately.


FREE TANNING SESSION & ACCELERATOR POTTLE for a 5* Google, Instagram or  Facebook review!
(must be registered with megaSun to receive free tan and gift).

SmartSunlight Multi-Wavelength Hybrid Tubes (Lamps) are installed on ALL of our sunbeds, both lie-down and stand-up.
These are patented lamps, unique to megaSun in NZ. NB: there are NO extra charges made to clients for these extras!
Hybrid CPI® tubes offer additional Vitamin D Boosters; Red Light Collagen; Blue Light Healing; Extra UVA & UVB