Hybrid Tanning

What is 24-HOUR Hybrid Tanning and how does it work?

  • You can tan 24/7 with, or without sunbed or outdoor UV-light exposure, using NON-STOP-BLACK Hybrid Tanning Formula.
  • This is NOT a fake tan. It is a real, natural tan produced by your own body.

What makes Non-Stop-Black (NSB) unique from all other tan accelerating products?

It is the patented, active ingredient, added to a potent blend of accelerator ingredients used in the formulation.
Algotan-P® has an endothelin-like effect, mimicking sun activation. Endothelin-1 (ET-1) plays an indispensable role in epidermal pigmentation in humans. This vital role has been captured in this unparalleled range.

How does NSB (Non-Stop Black) work?

Essentially, the patented Algotan-P® in this innovative hybrid sunless tanning formulation, is able to mimic the effects of sunlight exposure, stimulating the skins natural production of melanin.
This induces tanning, with or without sun. All you have to do is apply it once a day – hence the 24-hour hybrid tan – so that you are producing melanin, the cells that make you go brown, even on the days you are not using a sunbed or going out in the sun.
This is the most unique way to ensure you get the best, even tan and the softest skin, all in one luxury, unique product.

Is there more than one product in the range?

Yes. You have a choice of three options:
NSB 24-hour hybrid serum – for all skin types. Unique, easily absorbed residue-free formula.
NSB 24-hour hybrid butter – streakfree DHA-free bronzing butter. Rich, but not sticky or greasy.
NSB 24-hour hybrid gelée – blush-heat tingle gelée. Increased microcirculation for boosted oxygenation.

Is it a fake tan?

No, it’s not a fake tan. The key distinction that should be remembered, is that it is a potent blend of active ingredients reacting with the body’s own cells, creating a real tan; not a fake, or self-tan product like those containing a DHA (dihydroxyacetone), or similar ingredients, that simply colour the skin.

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SmartSunlight Multi-Wavelength Hybrid Tubes (Lamps) are installed on ALL of our sunbeds, both lie-down and stand-up.
These are patented lamps, unique to megaSun in NZ. NB: there are NO extra charges made to clients for these extras! Hybrid CPI® tubes offer additional Vitamin D Boosters; Red Light Collagen; Blue Light Healing; Extra UVA & UVB