Professional Tanning Studio in Ponsonby, Auckland.

megaSun Stand-Up Towers and Lie-Down Sunbeds. Patented Hybrid Lamps containing; Vitamin D Boosters; Red Light (Skin Smoothing Collagen); Blue Light (for Healing Skin Conditions); plus additional UVA & UVB.

We are committed to giving every client the best service and optimum tan in an unparalleled hygienic studio.

Please read our IMPORTANT INFORMATION section whether you are new to tanning or have been using sunbeds for years. The details in this document apply to everyone who uses, or intends to use megaSun indoor tanning equipment.
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Welcome to our Ponsonby studio.

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Members of The Vitamin D Council, European Sunlight Association, Sunlight Research Forum & Tanning Truth

Your skin is precious and so is your tan.
Our team focuses on both in a controlled, managed environment. Your progress is monitored and regulated to ensure you have the best possible tan with no overexposure.

FREE TANNING SESSION & ACCELERATOR POTTLE for a 5* Google, Instagram or Facebook review! (must be registered with megaSun to receive free tan and gift).

SmartSunlight Multi-Wavelength Hybrid Tubes (Lamps) are installed on ALL of our sunbeds, both lie-down and stand-up.
These are patented lamps, unique to megaSun in NZ. NB: there are NO extra charges made to clients for these extras! Hybrid CPI® tubes offer additional Vitamin D Boosters; Red Light Collagen; Blue Light Healing; Extra UVA & UVB