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Guidelines & Responsible Tanning.


Consultation Walkthrough
Established in 2003, megaSun is recognised as the premier tanning studio in Auckland.
Our equipment is all hand built in Germany for the best tanning experience.
All new clients are given a free consultation, skin typing and personal advice on tanning.
The highest standards of hygiene, sanitising and disinfection are always a primary focus.
Our trained staff focus their attention on every client to ensure tanning is optimised.
Our beds are guaranteed to emit the correct wavelength for Vitamin D conversion.
We use only the best quality tanning products, sourced from the UK and Canada.

megaSun has a policy of protecting skin health, and will not tan anyone who does not meet the correct criteria for indoor tanning under the NZ Ministry of Health and Gov’t rules & guidelines.
This includes:

Anyone who is unable to tan outdoors; skin type 0 or 1
Anyone suffering adverse reactions to UV
Anyone under the age of 18
100% UV-protective eyewear must be worn every session. 
We supply a choice of a new disposable pair each session; or the loan of pre-sanitised eyewear.

The team at megaSun takes tanning seriously.


Regulations and standards are there for your health and safety. Our poster in reception details all of the current rules, regulations and guidelines provided by the NZ Government; Ministry of Health and Standards for Solariums; in addition to our own in-house rules.
Exacting standards for sanitising and disinfection in a sunbed studio is paramount. 
At megaSun we import LUCASOL® hospital grade disinfectant and sanitiser, direct from the manufacturers who are the renowned, international, No1 supplier to medical facilities, sunbed studios, salons and spas. 
LUCASOL® is on the EPA List N: Disinfectants and Sanitisers. It is guaranteed to kill COVID-19 in 60 seconds. The product is also Fungicidal, Bactericidal, Tuberculocidal, and Virucidal.
We offer FREE advice on UV exposure; avoiding sunburn; tanning outdoors and skincare for all ages.

FREE TANNING SESSION & ACCELERATOR POTTLE for a 5* Google, Instagram or Facebook review! (must be registered with megaSun to receive free tan and gift).

SmartSunlight Multi-Wavelength Hybrid Tubes (Lamps) are installed on ALL of our sunbeds, both lie-down and stand-up.
These are patented lamps, unique to megaSun in NZ. NB: there are NO extra charges made to clients for these extras! Hybrid CPI® tubes offer additional Vitamin D Boosters; Red Light Collagen; Blue Light Healing; Extra UVA & UVB