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  • + New to Tanning?

    Our experienced team are trained to give you professional advice on how to achieve the best possible tan in a controlled environment; after calculating your tanning time and regime during the consultation process.

    Please read our IMPORTANT TANNING INFORMATION prior to completing our Sunbed Client Consent Form.

    Please DO NOT be offended when we ask you to complete our consultation form. The questions are a Ministry of Health regulation and cannot be bypassed.

    The results of your consultation, help us to accurately assess the most appropriate tanning regime, and time spent on the bed to achieve the best results without burning. 

You will not achieve a better or quicker tan by using the beds for longer than we advise.

    Please be honest; let us know if you take medication or have a medical condition that may react to UV light. We strongly recommend you speak to a medical professional if you take or apply medication.

    If you react to sunshine outdoor, you will most likely react to UV indoors.

  • + Consultation Walkthrough

    A warm welcome awaits you when you arrive at megaSun. Your team member will introduce themselves to you, before you begin our consultation process.
    We adhere to the government and other mandatory rules and regulations, in addition to the COVID-19 rules for businesses with a Health Licence.
    You will be asked to complete a Client Consent Form which is mandatory in New Zealand.
    Upon completion, we will assess your skin type, ability to tan and the best tanning regime for you.
    You will be shown our tan accelerating products and offered help in selecting the most appropriate one.
    You will be given a pair of 100% UV-blocking, single session, disposable eyewear.
Alternatively, you may borrow a pair of Lucasol® pre-disinfected reusable ones if preferred.
    We will add you to our computer and allocate you a cabin and your choice of lie-down or stand-up bed.
    You will be given the choice between casual, or concession tanning.
    You will be taken to your cabin.
    The sunbed touchpad menu options, and other important data will be explained to you.
    You are welcome to ask any questions before you are left in the privacy of your cabin to enjoy your sunbed session.
    When you have completed your tanning session, a team member will help you with post-tanning skin care; they will answer any questions you may have before leaving the studio.

    We adhere tightly to the rules, regulations and standards for indoor tanning. The times and frequency we recommend is based on science and is done for the protection of you and your skin.
    Tanning is not allowed more frequently than every 48 hours in NZ.
    Clients do not clean the beds or cabins at megaSun – staff do this!

  • + The Health Implications of Tanning

    There are numerous positive benefits associated with controlled, moderate, non-burning UV (sunlight) exposure, producing a tan, as well as offering the added health benefits of vitamin D and Nitric Oxide. The benefits as well as the research that megaSun may include in social media, or cited on our website, are always written by recognised professionals in medical and/or scientific fields. We only reproduce and comment on data, articles, and research that are sourced from a credible provenance. Where possible, we try to ensure that papers are peer-reviewed, and are not just general white papers that would not be acceptable for educational, medical, or scientific purposes.

  • + Do I really need to wear UV-Protective eywear (goggles), when tanning?

    Categorically YES. It is vital to protect the eyes. Eyelids do not provide enough protection from UV, whether in the sunshine outdoors or using sunbeds. Tanning without correct eyewear may lead to burns or permanent eye damage.

    At megaSun we give every client a pair of disposable, 100% UV-protective eyewear, every visit. For clients who prefer reusable, disinfected goggles, we have those available to borrow, as an alternative.

    Our reusable eyewear is always disinfected in LUCASOL® hospital grade solution.

  • + Do I need to protect any other areas when tanning?

    Sensitive areas such as breasts and buttocks can be gradually exposed, starting after the first 3 or 4 sessions; gradually building up the minutes of exposure, over a period of time.
    Sensitive areas of the body such as genitals and nipples should be protected.
    Faces are best protected if skin is sensitive and the facial tanners left off or on minimum.
    Lips should be protected as they do not contain melanin (the pigment that produces a tan).

  • + I wear contact lenses; can i use a sunbed?

    Yes. We recommend that you use your regular moisturising eye drops prior to tanning, to prevent lenses drying out.

  • + I don't like to tan my face, what can i do?

    Our lie-down beds all have adjustable face tanners. They are self-operated and can be dropped to 50% tanning (gentle facial tan) or switched off completely.

    For lie-down beds, megaSun lends clients mask-out blocking cloths that occlude 100% of UV light.

    For stand-up towers, elasticated 100% UV blocking mask-out cloths can be borrowed, to cover the face.

  • + Can i wear make-up and outdoor products when tanning?

    No. Some products contain sunblock and would stop the UV light from tanning the skin.
    Most products contain oils why can cause irritation or even burning on the skin.
    We strongly recommend using only megaSun recommended products when using the sunbeds.
    We accept no responsibility for side effects caused by outdoor or products not sold at megaSun.
    Products that destroy bed acrylics must not be applied when using the beds.

  • + How do i know whether to use hot ( tingle) products or not?

    Hot action – or tingle producing products induce a reddening of the skin, increasing the microcirculation and thus the oxygenation of the skin to produce more melanin. More melanin means a deeper, darker tan.
    Tingle free – products promote tanning results without the reddening of the skin or the tingling sensation caused by a hot action one.
    Which type to use, is personal preference. However, in our extensive experience, we recommend discussing solar cosmetic products with our trained staff, to ensure the most appropriate products are selected.
    We do not recommend hot action products to new tanners or those returning to tanning after a break from the service.

  • + How do megaSun UV Tubes (Lamps) differ from everyone elses?

    megaSun lamps (known in the profession as tubes), are unique, patented, full-length, multi-wavelength hybrid SmartSunlight lamps powered by CPI® technology. (Controlled Power Integration, operated by Computer Programmed Technology).

    The Vitamin D Boosters in the lamps, not only do the lamps promote melanin production and tanning, but the specific UVB wavelength in the lamp reacts with a protein called 7-DHC in the skin, converting it into vitamin D3, the active form of vitamin D. With these lamps, vitamin D is boosted.

    The Ruby (red) sector of the lamp actively encourages the body to absorb the light to produce collagen; promoting smooth, supple, younger-looking skin, as well as having an anti-inflammatory, healing effect on the body. The process is known scientifically as photobiomodulation,

    The Blue light has a rejuvenating and vitalising effect to encourage blemish-free skin. it is effective in assisting in the healing of a number of skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, eczema, and inflammation.

    The UVB sector is vital for the production of vitamin D in the body. However, not all sunbed lamps emit the correct wavelength for the body to convert the UVB to the prohormone we call vitamin D. megaSun lamps have been lab-tested and are manufacturer-guaranteed to emit the correct wavelength for vitamin D synthesis.

    The UVA sector of the lamp is the oxidation area of the lamp – also called ‘browning’, this encourages melanin that has already come to the surface of the skin and is already brown, to darken further.

    The lamps in every sunbed (tanning bed), are critical to the performance of the bed, and the results they produce for the client. megaSun regularly tests their lamps and the hours are recorded. The beds are frequently serviced and deep cleaned, to ensure optimal performance and output.


FREE TANNING SESSION & ACCELERATOR POTTLE for a 5* Google, Instagram or Facebook review! (must be registered with megaSun to receive free tan and gift).

SmartSunlight Multi-Wavelength Hybrid Tubes (Lamps) are installed on ALL of our sunbeds, both lie-down and stand-up.
These are patented lamps, unique to megaSun in NZ. NB: there are NO extra charges made to clients for these extras! Hybrid CPI® tubes offer additional Vitamin D Boosters; Red Light Collagen; Blue Light Healing; Extra UVA & UVB