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Guidelines & Responsible Tanning.

megaSun has a policy of protecting clients’ interests and will not tan anyone who does not have the correct profile for indoor tanning. Additionally, for clients who are unable to tan indoors or outdoors, or, who are under the age of 18 (and therefore not allowed to use any UV emitting devices), we offer FREE advice on UV exposure and avoiding sunburn. 


Please read our document Important Tanning Information whether you are new to tanning or thinking of trying it for the first time. this information is available as A1 sized posters in reception at both studios, and A4 size in every cabin at both studios so that you can read and reread, every visit. megaSun follows ALL current rules, regulations and guidelines provided by the NZ government and Standards for solaria in addition to our own additional in-house rules.

The team at megaSun takes tanning very seriously, and so should you. In fact megaSun is focused on tanning and it is all we do. No hair salon or day spa distractions just the highest quality and well maintained tanning equipment in secure and well appointed private booths. You receive the full attention of trained tanning professionals to ensure your personalised tanning session is an enjoyable experience every time.

Overexposure to the sun can be harmful so getting your tanning managed in the right environment with good advice and well maintained and regulated equipment is a must. Your skin type is unique and to ensure adequate Vitamin D intake, the rate of exposure needs to be monitored and regulated. This is just part of the megaSun service and benefit to its clientele. We take your health and your skin seriously and the teach anti-sunburn message.

To guarantee your tanning experience is of the highest quality at both of our megaSun studios we use only the best equipment from the modern, German, megaSun branded sunbeds including the patented CPI® lamp technology ensuring you receive the correct exposure to UV that is appropriate to you – every time you visit. You NEVER have to ask when lamps have been replaced, or which lamps are newest at megaSun because our lamps deliver a consistent dose of UV, every time - without question! Virtually all other sunbed lamps lose their potency and ultimately the ability to tan you and so clients tend to ask this question wherever they go. It is well known that many operators do not change the lamps correctly and the client pays to lie under nothing more than a light bulb. You are given the manufacturers guarantee for this patented technology - Computer Programmed Intelligence, or Controlled Power Integration, that you get what you pay for every session!

Unfortunately misinformation and scaremongering can leave us wondering if tanning is a sensible option. Inevitably we have to face the sun on a daily basis; it is indiscriminate in its intensity and with changing seasons, very unreliable. Our bed technology combined with trained personnel, ensure that you receive the correct calculated dose of UV appropriate to your skin type and heritage. If your skin is not suitable for tanning, or you have a medical condition where exposure to UV light is inappropriate, we will tell you so that you understand why you will not be able to use sunbeds; we will help to educate you on sunburn prevention outdoors.

We do not allow under 18's to use our beds (unless a signed medical certificate is presented, whereby the use of the equipment is under the direction of a qualified medical practitioner or consultant and thus its purpose is not for tanning). We are always happy to teach responsible exposure to outdoor UV light and sunburn avoidance FREE of charge to young people (and their parents/carers) under that age.

Our Managers have been trained and awarded the prestigious Masters in Tanning from Smart Tan International Education Facility and undergo continuous professional development to keep up with industry trends and product developments. Our staff also train to the Smart Tan International Technical or Ambassador's Certificate(s) as a minimum standard. Many go on to study more advanced papers.


Please be assured that information printed on our website, or reproduced in the studios, is all supplied by credible and knowledgeable health, medical and/or scientific experts and that is why we direct you our valued clients to this information. Other than our blog, which is personal opinion, megaSun staff DO NOT write the news, health or other informative articles. Reference to the author(s) will be made at the beginning or the end of the article or information. We encourage readers to view any informative pieces directly from the source.

The team at megaSun will ensure you are well looked after from the moment you walk in to our modern studio's to the time you leave, we look forward to meeting you soon. megaSun has two studios located in Auckland City for your convenience on High Street in the CBD and on College Hill in Ponsonby.  



*** Please note we DO NOT do spray tanning at either studio ***