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Sunbeds ARE Efficient at ‘D' Production

Tanning beds may be even more effective as a vitamin D producer than was previously believed.

That's the consensus of research published by Dr. Michael Holick's group at Boston University.
Holick's group studied 15 people aged 20-53, tracking their vitamin D blood levels as they tanned in tanning equipment three times a week. How did they do?

  • megaSun sunbeds ARE very efficient at vitamin D production!50 percent higher vitamin D blood levels after one week of tanning.
  • 150 percent higher vitamin D blood levels after 5 weeks of tanning.

Bottom line: Unnatural supplements can't do that!
Absolutely NOT at over-the-counter levels.


Three tanning sessions a week will deliver the equivalent of 30,000-75,000 international units of vitamin D  - levels that cannot possibly be obtained through any other source. (Depending on skin type and other factors)

Even fresh salmon from the stream has a maximum of only 1,000 IU of vitamin D - not enough to move vitamin D blood levels nearly as much as tanning.

Vitamin D scientists now target vitamin D blood levels of 40-60 ng/ml (nanograms per millilitre). Many vitamin D specialists now refer to these levels as "Natural Vitamin D levels" - amounts that are consistent only with natural outdoor living in sunny climates.

Previous research has shown that sunbed users, on average, have 90 percent higher vitamin D levels as compared to non-tanners, who are deficient today, according to vitamin D researchers.

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012


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