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Ian Wishart - Vitamin D AuthorIan Wishart, Vitamin D author, clashes with Cancer Society

Ian Wishart, the author of Vitamin D: Is This The Miracle Vitamin?, challenges the Cancer Society to get its facts right on skin cancer and vitamin D in a head to head debate broadcast on TVNZ. In case anyone is wondering, the clip begins just as an advertorial segment on the show had finished. The interview was in the 'editorial' segment, as will quickly become obvious...For more information on the book, visit

We compel EVERY New Zealander - and everyone else who is reading this, to pass the following video clip from You Tube, to every person that you love or care about. Ian Wishart has a message for everyone - not only that we encourage everyone to buy his book - we have two copies at megaSun NZ and he supports everything we have been saying for over 20 years from our days in the medical field to today!!!! 

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