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Dr Michael Holick explains why sunbeds ARE an important source of Vitamin D Dr Michael Holick Vitamin D Expert

Michael F. Holick, doyen of vitamin D research and one of the "fathers" of the vitamin D-revolution answers questions about the range of implications for health and human well-being of vitamin D-sufficiency and insufficiency. Vitamin D is important for prevention and therapy of many chronic diseases like osteoporosis, diabetes and other autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular deseases - heart failure and stroke - many cancers and psychic disorders.

Dr. Holick implicates the sun-scare propagated by dermatologists and their organisations worldwide in the growing "epidemic" or even "pandemic" vitamin D-deficiency. Dr Michael Holick expalins why sunbeds ARE an important source of Vitamin D. His message is to avoid sunburn at all costs and exposure should be in moderation. The same message that megaSun New Zealand gives to each and every client!

Watch the video to see the expalantion that vitamin D and UV light is vital for life!

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