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Big Dermatology's misguided anti-sun message now comes under scrutiny!

Vitamin D Expert Oliver GillieThe dermatology profession worldwide is struggling to extricate itself from years of sun abstinence messaging, one of Great Britain's most prolific vitamin D experts told a newspaper, the London Herald.

Oliver Gillie - author of several comprehensive reports on  sunlight and vitamin D - appeared in a prominent article in the Herald in December headlined "Bring me Sunshine... and Health!" In September, Oliver Gillie wrote Scotland's "Health Deficit: An explanation and a Plan, claiming that lack of sunlight could be contributing to health problems in the nation". His report argued that being deprived of daylight and vitamin D which helps the body make-up could contribute to a range of conditions including depression, cancer and multiple sclerosis.

The story continued, "now Gillie says cancer charities have been 'embarrassed' by the unforeseen impact of their advice to cover up in the sun - which has led to soaring rates of vitamin D deficiency. Messages have included suggestions that 'there is no such thing as a healthy tan' which Gillies says is misguided and unfounded in science".


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