Why Should I Use A Tan Accelerator?

(Also known as Tanning Lotions or Solar Cosmetics).


•Accelerators contain tyrosine - an amino acid that assists the UVB rays from the sunbed to stimulate production of the skin pigment melanin. The UVA rays from the bed oxidise the melanin, producing the brown colour that makes you look tanned. Apply accelerator immediately before every tanning session to protect your skin and help to speed up the tanning process.

•Accelerators speed up the tanning process and thus reduce the amount of time you need to spend on the sunbed. They also maximise your potential for tanning and help increase the quality of your tan.

•You can tan up to 80% faster and longer, depending on your skin type and the product range chosen.

•By wearing an accelerator while tanning, you are doing two things: you are helping to prevent the possibility of drying out your skin, and you are allowing more UV light to penetrate your skin more quickly. Dry skin is not healthy skin, and by keeping your skin in optimum condition, you will tan darker, faster, and stay tanned longer! Also, when tanning, dry skin reflects light, not allowing for the UV rays to be absorbed as quickly as when using an accelerator.

•Many accelerators contain Vitamin E - the anti-oxidant effects of Vitamin E, as well as those of tyrosine, work to prevent wrinkles and fine lines, especially on your face.

•Copper - another common tanning bed lotion ingredient, works to reduce the visibility of scars and other minor blemishes. Copper also assists tyrosine in the production of important brain chemicals. This could help explain the mild euphoria experienced by regular tanners.

•All accelerators have a moisturising element, which magnifies the tanning effects of UVA rays, while counteracting the drying and peeling effects of UVB rays.

•Many accelerators contain hempseed oil, aloe vera, or many other nutrients to guard your skin from the relentless ravages of the natural environment.

•Be sure to choose accelerators that are suited to your skin. Ask our staff for advice on which would be right for you. There are so many options and varieties available, our company has opted to select only those with proven track records and high quality ingredients.


♦Tan Extenders (also called maintainers), are applied after a sunbed session. These lock in the tan and help the skin to retain the tan longer. These need to be used every day, even on days when the sunbed is not being used