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Breast Cancer
Low Vitamin D May Mean Worse Breast CancerMore Aggressive Breast Cancer Linked to Vitamin D DeficiencyBy AUDREY GRAYSON, ABC News Medical Unit, May 16, 2008 Vitamin D deficiencies have long been associated with disease, but new research suggests that low levels of vitamin D in women with breast cancer can...More
Breast Cancer Awareness
 megasun supports BREAST CANCER AWARENESS Vitamin D may help curb breast cancer progression, according to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Pathology by authors from Imperial College London.Studies have shown that vitamin D stops cancer cells from dividing and enhances cancer cell death. Vitamin D sufficiency and exposure to...More
Breast Cancer Prevention
Science & Technology: Is Vitamin D The Key To Preventing Breast Cancer?Two scientific articles help to answer this important question. The first article, published in the Oct. 31, 2007 online issue of the journal Carcinogenesis, is titled "Serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D and Risk of Postmenopausal Breast Cancer-Results of a Large Case-Control Study."...More
Breast Health and Vitamin D
Benefits for Breast HealthSeveral lines of evidence suggest vitamin D may help reduce the incidence of breast cancer. A prospective study published in 2005 examined the relationship of plasma vitamin D metabolites to breast cancer risk in a cohort of women enrolled in the Nurses' Health Study. Blood samples were...More
Vitamin D: More Effective in Fighting Breast Cancer than Wearing Pink?
Vitamin D: More Effective in Fighting Breast Cancer than Wearing Pink?In October - National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we will continue reporting on various studies for readers of our website, Blogger or Twitter pages, particularly those who wear pink to support the campaign to raise awareness of this terrible disease,...More