Tanning at megasun new zealand studios

The information pages in this section of our website aim to cover many aspects of tanning, including frequently asked questions, do's and don't when tanning, skincare and health pages, as well as updates and more technical data pertaining to the industry. If you have any questions that are not covered by our website, please contact our staff who will endeavour to answer your queries and find out information for you if they don't know the answer immediately. 

The Golden Rule of Suntanning NEVER Burn!!!!

New to Tanning?

Our technician's and staff are trained to give you the most professional advice on skincare whilst tanning and how to tan in a controlled environment.

  • UNDER 18 year olds are NOT allowed to use the sunbeds (UV light emitting devices) without a medical practitioners signed request. We do not allow exceptions to this rule.

Our Consultation Process:

Please DO NOT be offended when we ask you to complete our consultation form - this is to protect both our clients and ourselves. We need to accurately assess the most appropriate time you should spend on the beds according to your skin type. You will not achieve a better or quicker tan by using the beds for longer than the team member advises. Please be honest - if you take medication or have a medical condition that reacts to UV light, please tell our staff. We do not encourage inappropriate use of our sunbeds and may need to recommend UV-Free spray tanning as an alternative, or on occasions speak to a medical professional to recommend the most appropriate course of action.

The Health Implications of Tanning:

There are many health benefits associated with moderate UV tanning that are now being recognised. UV light is vital for the production of vitamin D.

See our Frequently Asked Questions section for more answers to commonly asked questions. For more detailed help, please contact the studio directly and speak to one of our trained staff.