Our technician's and staff are trained to give you the most professional advice on skincare whilst tanning and how to tan correctly in a controlled environment.

  • Under 18 year olds MUST have a signed medical certificate to use sunbeds There are no exceptions.

    Avoid Sunburn ALWAYSThe golden rule of tanning is NEVER EVER get sunburnt - it will not fade into a tan and is a dangerous practice that must be avoided AT ALL AGES AND ALL COSTS! Overexposure to UV light may contribute to cancer.

Our Consultation Process:

Please DO NOT be offended when we ask you to complete our mandatory consultation form - this is to protect both our clients and ourselves. Prospective clients who refuse to complete our consultation form will not be llowed to tan at megaSun studios.

We need to accurately assess the most appropriate time you should spend on the beds according to your skin type.
You will not achieve a better or quicker tan by using the beds for longer than the tanning consultant or technician advises.
Please be honest - if you take medication or have a medical condition that reacts to UV light, please tell our staff. We do not encourage inappropriate use of our sunbeds and may need to recommend UV-Free spray tanning as an alternative.
On occasions our staff may need to speak to a medical professional to recommend the most appropriate course of action.

You will need to be skintyped in addition to completion our consultation form to ensure that you skin is suitable for using sunbeds and to check the most appropriate tanning regime for you. Every person has their own tolerance to UV and their own tanning plateau. (The depth of tan can your skin can achieve). 

Please rest assured no data will be disclosed to any third party by megaSun or its employees.

docs that tanThe Health Implications of Tanning:

There are many health benefits associated with moderate UV tanning that are now being recognised. UV light is vital for the production of vitamin D.

Bone: Vitamin D regulates the absorption and use of calcium and phosphorus. These minerals are vital for the development and hardening of bones and teeth.

Immune system: Parts of the bone marrow where immune cells are made respond to vitamin D, which to play a role in the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases.

Hormones: By playing a role in the secretion of insulin by the pancreas, vitamin D helps in the regulation of sugar.

Nervous system: Vitamin D ensures the functioning of healthy nerves and muscles by regulating calcium in the blood, vital for nerve impulse transmission and muscle contraction.

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