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Sunbed Users DO Have The HIGHEST Vitamin D Levels!

megaSun SunbedVitamin D is called "The Sunshine Vitamin" for a good reason - getting a suntan is widely recognized as producing 100-200 times more vitamin D than what is fortified into an 8-ounce glass of whole milk. But what many people still don't realize is that sunbed users have the highest vitamin D levels of any group.

Vitamin D levels are measured by taking blood samples and measuring the concentration of ‘The Sunshine Vitamin' in your bloodstream. Here are the vitamin D blood-level averages for different groups today in nanograms-per-milliliter (ng/ml), as identified in recent studies:

42.0 - Indoor Tanners (Tangpricha et al, Am J Clin. Nutrition, 2004)

40.0 - Outdoor workers (Vieth, Am J Clin. Nutrition, 1999)

23.0 - Non-tanners (Tangpricha et al, Am J Clin. Nutrition, 2004)

13.8 - Dermatologists (Czarnecki et al, Clin Exp Dermatology, 2009)

How much vitamin D do you need? That depends who you ask. Recent government reports claim that 20 ng/ml is all you need for proper bone health, but virtually every vitamin D researcher worldwide suggests that 30-50 ng/ml should be the target level for other functions of vitamin D in the body that the government does not yet officially recognize.

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