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Cancer Research UK Dramatically Changes Advise:

Oliver Gillie - openent of slip slop slap'Do not avoid the sun, but enjoy it responsible'

London - After years of telling people to "cover up" when they go out in the sun, Britain's leading
cancer charity is preparing to dramatically change its advice. Sunlight Research Forum explains

Cancer Research UK plans to say that you should not cover up and slap on protective creams when
you first go out into the sun, but rather expose your skin to its rays for some minutes so that your
body can make some vitamin D. The sunshine vitamin is now known to help prevent chronic illnesses
such as cancer, diabetes and multiple sclerosis as well as classic bone diseases. "These facts in
combination with the big Vitamin D deficiency that is common in the Western countries at the
moment are the cause of this radical change in health advice", says Ad Brand of the independent
Sunlight Research Forum.

Instead of avoiding the sun and the former advise for immediate use of Sun Protection Filters when
going outside, one is now advised to expose the skin short and unprotected to sunlight. Initially for
just several minutes, which is long enough for your skin to be stimulated by the UV rays to produce
Vitamine D, but will not cause a sunburn. Brand Quoting Gillie: "Stay in the sun for just two or
three minutes on both sides of the body. This can slowly be extended to a maximum of thirty
minutes per side. Avoid sunburn continues to be the urgent advice!"

enjoy the sunshineThe new advice of the Cancer Research UK is consistent with the advice of a continuously growing
group of international scientists who research the interest of Vitamin D. "One of the charity's
fiercest critics, Oliver Gillie of the Health Research Forum, says that at long last Cancer Research
UK appears to have recognised that its warnings to cover up are a mistake", claims Brand. A new
peer reviewed report by Gillie says "it is very difficult for anyone living in the UK to get enough
vitamin D from the sun to provide them with the optimum blood level that will last through winter".
The scientist adds that to do so you may need to expose as much of your body as possible to the sun
for at least 40 minutes six days a week, but, given the number of sunless days each summer, this is
not possible.

"Gillie emphasises that exposure to UV-light always has to be in a responsible way, without getting a
sunburn (damage to the skin). There is less UV light needed to produce Vitamin D, than to cause a
sunburn. The risk for skin cancer is mostly associated with sunburn", informs Brand. The SRF quotes
Gillie, who calculated by results of the international studies: "Solving the vitamin D deficiency
problems in the UK in the 21st century promises rewards comparable with the great strides in public
health made in the nineteenth century by the provision of pure water and in the twentieth century
by the provision of better housing, clean air and reduction in smoking."

SRFSunlight Research Forum
The Sunlight Research Forum (SRF) is a Non Profit Organisation, based in the Netherlands. The aim
is to check, collect and distribute in a clear and accessible way the latest medical and scientific
research on the effects of UV radiation on human.
Media contact:
Mr. Ad Brand
Sunlight Research Forum (SRF)
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