Indoor Tanning & Skincare

The importance of quality skincare whilst tanning CANNOT be overemphasised!


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The skin relies on three essential properties for effective tanning; these are:

  • Oxygenation - fuels cells to produce maximum amount of melanin for deepest tanning
  • Hydration - soft, supple, hydrated skin maintains and retains a tan much longer
  • Nutrition - fundamental to cell function and ensure skin achieves desired results

megasun modelIn order to achieve the best possible tan, we recommend that you follow the guidelines below. This data sheet is very brief and intended as an outline only. For in-depth indoor tanning information, please speak to one of Advanced Suntan Solutions & megaSun's trained tanning consultants.

Exfoliators. The skin should be exfoliated once or twice weekly to achieve a quality, even tan. It is a myth that exfoliation removes all tan from the skin. In fact dying, or unhealthy cells may produce colour, but the tan will be patchy and uneven as the UV light will be reflected from dry, neglected skin. Advanced Suntan Solutions & megaSun's tanologists and technicians can guide you through the correct choice of product for your skin type.

Tan accelerators are the products applied to the skin just prior to using the sunbed, to achieve the best possible tanning results. The range of accelerators is enormous and Advanced Suntan Solutions & megaSun have taken very careful steps to ensure that only the best products currently available are offered to our clients. Most of our products have been created by physicians and the remainder developed by cosmetologists to ensure long lasting skincare as well as excellent tanning results.

Facial Tanners are products that have been specifically created for the face. Products created for the body are not recommended for facial use.

Tan Extenders are used to encourage retention of moisture and nutrients necessary to achieve and prolong a tan. These should be used from the very first session and then be used daily regardless of whether using a sunbed that day or not.