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Frequenty Asked Questions

To tingle or not to tingle? What is the difference?

Tan accelerators with a tingle factor added to them produce a reddening of the skin, increasing the microcirculation and thus the oxygenation of the skin to produce more melanin. More melanin means more tan! Regeneration and oxidation (browning) of cells is always more prominent with this type of product. Don’t be fooled by some brands on the market which offer a reddening effect using irritants as opposed to quality ingredients that will effectively deepen a tan. Tingle factors will vary from the very subtle through to the very intense, catering to intermediate and advanced tanners.

Tingle free accelerators offer a variety of ingredients to ensure rapid tanning combined with effective skincare, without the reddening of the skin or the tingling sensation caused by the heat producing tingle factor ranges. Advanced Suntan Solutions & megaSun offers a wide variety of options for both sexes, all ages and differing skin types. Our tanologists are available to offer advice on which would be the most appropriate for beginners, intermediate and advanced tanners.

Is it ok to wear regular makeup and moisturiser while on the sunbed?

No. Some products contain sunblock and would stop the UV light from penetrating those areas and other products may contain ingredients that make a person susceptible to burning whilst using a sunbed. We strongly recommend that you use only the products recommended for sale at Advanced Suntan Solutions & megaSun. We will not guarantee any results or enter into any side effects from products when using other brands.

Do I really need to wear goggles when using the sunbeds?

Yes. It is vital to protect the eyes. Eyelids do not provide enough protection from UV, whether in the sunshine outdoors or using sunbeds. At Advanced Suntan Solutions & megaSunwe offer the choice of approved, reusable goggles and disposable goggles that offer 100% protection. The risk of permanent damage from UV light is high, when not using correct eyewear.

Do I need to protect any other areas whilst tanning?

Yes. In addition to your Advanced Suntan Solutions & megaSunrecommended accelerator, which should be used from the very first session of tanning, you should apply a UV-protective lip balm. Lips do not contain melanin and can easily burn and become dry. Sensitive areas of the body such as genitals and nipples should be protected at all times. Other sensitive areas such as breasts and buttocks can be gradually exposed, starting initially after the first three or four sessions and gradually building up the minutes of exposure over a period of time. Faces should be protected if skin is sensitive and the facial tanners left off or on minimum.

I wear contact lenses, can I still use a sunbed?

Yes. We recommend that you use your regular moisturising eye drops prior to tanning, to prevent lenses drying out.