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59 EXPERT Studies CANNOT all be wrong
 Sun and Sun Beds: Inducers of Vitamin D and Skin Cancers AbstractRead the data from these 59 EMINENT Professional EXPERTS then judge for yourself what is right and what is wrong - DON'T be mislead by erroneous, scandalmondering scare tactics found in the press!Solar radiation is both the main cause...More
Balanced View on Smart Tanning
At Last - A Balanced View on Smart TanningBreakthrough research in 2007 on the positive effects vitamin D, most naturally, reliably and efficiently derived from sun exposure has totally changed what can and should be said about ultraviolet light exposure – a development that fully supports the practical and responsible...More
Did Melanoma Researchers 'Reverse Engineer' Their Findings?
Did Melanoma Researchers 'Reverse Engineer' Their Findings?Anti-Tanning Lobbying Group Downplayed Key Conflicting Information, According to Smart TanJACKSON, MI--(Marketwire - May 25, 2010) - A University of Minnesota advocacy group may have "reverse-engineered" a study to bolster its own pre-existing anti-indoor tanning crusade, failing to properly cite the significance of conflicting...More
Fit For Tanning
Controlled Tanning and Skin TypingA tanned skin provides the best possible light protection. The advantages of a solarium tanning are controlled tanning and exactly dosed to suit every skin type because modern tanning systems provide a ratio of UVA and UVB rays that is more favourable to the skin than...More
Health Benefits from Sunbeds
Tanning Beds DO Have Health Benefits Health Update: New evidence is showing that sun exposure is necessary in order to promote good health. After years of being warned about the perils of exposing skin to UV rays, the tanning industry is taking large steps to invest funds into research."Sun is crucial to your...More
Humans are not addicted to UV exposure. We are ATTRACTED to it!
Report Confuses ‘Attraction' with ‘Addiction'Another research project is attempting to confuse humanity's natural and intended attraction to UV in sunlight and sunlamps with unnatural chemical addictions. The New York Times on Friday ran a story headlined, "How Tanning Changes the Brain" covering the latest project.The latest report: from the University...More
IARC studiesface serious criticism from experts
Scientists surprised about the classification of UV radiation and solariums into cancer risk category one. Results of studies, on which the International Agency for Research on Cancer have based their decision, face serious criticism from experts.Veldhoven, 30th July 2009 (SRF) - Scientists and experts react with surprise to theInternational Agency...More
Professor Says DON'T Give Up Your Tan
Don't let the phoney melanoma scare keep you out of the sun. There are many good reasons why we won't - and shouldn't - give up our tan!Professor Sam ShusterKira Cochrane asks "why can't we give up the tan?" (Going for the burn, G2, 7 July). The answer is simple:...More