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Avois sun at peril
Proceed at your peril!!!It's becoming increasingly clear that strict avoidance of ultraviolet (UV) light significantly increase the risk of dying from internal cancers. Yes, the risks of developing one of the major cancer killers increase when we avoid the sun. In fact, Dr. Tuohimaa and company recently showed that the...More
Dermatologists recommend sun
Sun exposure cancer warnings 'lead to Vitamin D deficiencies'Public health warnings about skin cancer have led to a rise in Vitamin D deficiency through lack of sunlight, according to a controversial study into the effects of ultraviolet exposure.By Richard Gray, Science Correspondent, 09th of August 2009But now, a controversial new...More
Role of UV Light
The Role of UltraViolet LightThe Facts and Bio-Positive effects of UV lightFor years, the public has been bombarded with research investigations and published reports claiming that any and all exposure to UV light can cause a multitude of problems. These reports are important because they enable us to get a...More
Sun & Humans
The Positive Effects of Sunlight and Human PhysiologyExtract from the Medical Light AssociationThe revolutionary Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaton was the first to conceive monotheism. He believed there was only one god, the sun. Akhenaton thought that the sun had a powerful connection to life and nurtured our health. The sun has...More
Sun Effects on Vit D
Sunlight and Vitamin DExtract from Medical Light Association StudyWhat is known to us as "vitamin D" is actuality not a vitamin at all, but a naturally occurring hormone that is activated by sunlight penetrating skin. As we know, nutrition in the form of vitamins and minerals help people maintain proper...More
Sun Scare
"Sun Scare": Twisted Sun CareHow Commercialism Has Twisted Proper Sun CareScaring people out of the sun is a multibillion-dollar business. Smart Tan coined the term "sun scare" in 1996 to properly identify those who were distorting the truth about sunshine's complex relationship with human health in order to scare you...More
Sun warnings ‘overstated'
Sun warnings ‘overstated' as science finds new clue to skin cancerSunshine is not the main cause of the most dangerous form of skin cancer, according to researchers, who say some warnings about the perils of sunbathing are scaring people unnecessarily. Scientists, whose research appears in the current issue of the...More
Sunlight BP & Cholesterol
The Effect of Sunlight on Cholesterol and Blood Pressure Extract from Medical Light Association StudyIt has been discovered that ultraviolet radiation is also an integral part in the body's cholesterol breakdown process. Sunlight exposure can have a significant effect at reducing bad cholesterol levels in the body. Cholesterol levels have been...More