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Advice U-turn - sun is GOOD
A dose of Midday sun can be good for you: Advice U-turn after years of telling us to cover upAccording to the old song, only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun. Yet the latest thinking is that maybe everyone should give it a try.After years of...More
Doctor Explains Why His Patients Don't Get 'Flu
Epidemic Influenza And Vitamin DFind other articles on: "winter flu and cold vitamin D" In early April of 2005, after a particularly rainy spring, an influenza epidemic (epi: upon, demic: people) exploded through the maximum-security hospital for the criminally insane where I have worked for the last ten years. It...More
How many people know about vitamin D?
How many people know about vitamin D?Ever wonder how many people know as much about vitamin D as you? Last summer, Professor Sandra Clips and colleagues from John Hopkins University wanted to know this, too, and published some interesting results.In 2007, they sent out a questionnaire to a group of...More
How much vitamin D do pre-teen girls need?
How much vitamin D do pre-teen girls need?(Reuters Health) - In the winter, pre-teen girls may need more vitamin D -- either from diet or supplements -- to have healthy bones, a new study says.The goal of the study was to figure out how much vitamin D girls aged 11...More
Millions of NEEDLESS Deaths CAN Be Prevented!
Millions of NEEDLESS DEATHS CAN be Avoided!By William Faloon It is hard to imagine, but it was not until 1867 that Joseph Lister published his findings about the critical need of using sterile procedures in the surgical setting. Back then, doctors seldom washed their hands prior to surgery, let alone...More
More than half of world deficient in vit D
MORE THAN HALF of the world don't get enough ‘D'More vitamin D experts are starting to acknowledge the incredibly obvious: That worldwide vitamin D deficiency cannot be overcome with diet. Dr. Anthony Norman, a vitamin D expert from the University of California, told United Press International."It is clear that merely...More
NZ and Aus Govt's remiss on Vit D
Scientists think New Zealand and Australia Sun Scare Message has gone too far!health is definitely at risk in both countries it appearsHas the sun smart message gone too far? A number of scientists say yes.With one in three Aussies now insufficient in Vitamin D scientists are calling for a review...More
Public Health & Vitamin D
Vitamin D & Public Health AbstractHistorically vitamin D is known to be essential for normal bone growth and quality, and thus appropriate dietary vitamin D supplementation can eliminate vitamin D deficiency childhood rickets and adult osteomalacia. In spite of many government and medical associations' worldwide guidelines for the reference daily intake...More