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MS & Arthritis may be linked to lack of sun
MS and arthritis may be linked to lack of sun, say scientistsVitamin D found to exert an influence over genes associated with certain diseases more common in the northern hemisphereThe Food Standards Agency says a healthy diet plus ‘a little' exposure to sun should give us all the vitamin D...More
Multiple Sclerosis and Vitamin D
Multiple Sclerosis and vitamin d linkMultiple sclerosis is an immune-mediated inflammatory and neurodegenerative condition of the central nervous system. Its symptoms include weakness, visual problems, and impaired coordination. Although its causes remain unknown, scientists suspect that multiple sclerosis may represent an autoimmune condition. MS is a central nervous system disorder...More
Vitamin D - low levels linked to MS
Virus and low sunlight 'raises multiple sclerosis risk'Low levels of sunlight exposure have been linked to MSLow levels of sunlight coupled with glandular fever could increase the risk of developing multiple sclerosis (MS), say researchers.There are many suspected risk factors for MS and the disease is known to be more...More