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Dr Revealas Melanoma 'Epidemic' is Pure Myth
Dr. A. Bernard Ackerman The Sun and the "Epidemic" of Melanoma: Myth on Myth!Despite calling itself an academy, when it comes to the sun the American Academy of Dermatology's (ADD) behavior resembles a conspiracy theorist's rather than that of a measured academic body. That might have something to do with...More
MelanomaAn inability to tan is the number one risk factor for melanoma. Those who tan easily or who have darker skin are far less likely to develop the disease. A new theory is that melanoma is actually caused by sunlight (vitamin D) deficiency and that safe sun exposure actually helps...More
Melanoma & Sunbeds 1
No increased risk of getting melanoma when using modern sunbeds! A new study on 1101 test persons (including 423 melanoma patients and 678 control persons) clearly shows there is no increased risk of getting melanoma when using modern sunbeds! The researching team was led by Prof. Kerri M. Clough-Gorr of...More
Melanoma & Sunbeds 2
Insufficient evidence exists to link sunbed use to risk of melanoma for other than those with skin phenotype IWilliam B. Grant, Ph.D. Sunlight, Nutrition, and Health Research Center (SUNARC)AbstractA recent meta-analysis found that risk of cutaneous malignant melanoma (CMM) was significantly correlated with sunbed use. However, some of the observational...More
Melanoma & Sunbeds 3
Exposure to the sun and sunbeds and the risk of Cutaneous melanoma in the UK: a case-control study V. Bataille, a, b, A. Winnettb, P. Sasienib, J. A. Newton Bishopc and J. Cuzickba Genetic Epidemiology and Twin Research Unit, St Thomas Hospital, Lambeth Palace Road, London SE1 7EH, UK b...More
Melanoma & UV Light
Skin cancers - And Ultraviolet radiationAll types of skin cancer are attributed to exposure to the ultraviolet (UV) part of the spectrum of sunlight. UV is classified as three distinct wavebands: A, B and C. They are all believed to contribute to the development of skin cancer.1. UVA rays constitute...More
Melanoma Height LInk
Height link to melanomaTall women and those who put on weight are more likely to develop deadly melanoma, a study by Australian scientists has found.Researchers are puzzled by the results of a major review of skin cancer patterns that found women's body size appears to be linked to their disease...More
NO increased risk of melanoma with modern sunbeds!
There is No increased risk of getting melanoma when using modern sunbeds!A new, credible, scientific study on 1101 test persons including 423 melanoma patients and 678 control persons clearly shows:There is NO increased risk of getting melanoma when using modern sunbeds! This is NOT an article which gives an individual's opinion...More