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Memory Loss linked to Vit D Levels
Catch some Sun! News research suggests older adults who have low vitamin D levels could be more prone to thinking, learning and memory problems.The study, which is published in the recent issue of Archives of Internal Medicine, evaluated the results of interviews, medical exams and blood samples of 858 participants...More
Study: UV Light Therapy Combats Vitamin D Deficiency in Elderly
Study: UV Light Therapy Combats Vitamin D Deficiency in ElderlyDuring the winter months, when the UV rays are typically not sufficient to stimulate vitamin D production in the human skin as the sunlight is too dim, the human body can suffer from an acute vitamin D deficiency. For older, frailer...More
The Elderly
Preventing Falls in the ElderlyIn elderly adults, falls occur frequently and are associated with significant morbidity and mortality. Research suggests that vitamin D may help prevent these dangerous falls. Cross-sectional studies have shown that elderly adults with higher serum levels of vitamin D demonstrate a lower number of falls, as...More