megaSun NZ

important information

for ANYONE wishing to use sunbeds at megaSun

The following information is posted on A1 size posters in reception at both studios. 
We recommend that every client or potential client reads the information very carefully. 

1. megaSun follows all NZ government regulations, standards and guidelines for
indoor tanning.
2. We do not allow persons under the age of 18 to tan.
3. People with ‘skin type 1's and extremely fair skins and may not achieve a tan, no
matter how hard they try. Anyone with this skin type should avoid tanning
outdoors and the use of sunbeds. Skin type 1's will be refused the use of our
4. All clients who tan at megaSun must complete and sign a consent form, and
agree to adhere to the rules and regulations as set out in the document. A copy
of your signed consent form can be provided upon request, at the time of signing.
Original signed consent forms are kept at megaSun for 2 years.
5. Clients must wear megaSun approved eyewear for eye protection whilst indoor
tanning at megaSun studios.
6. NZ Indoor Tanning Regulations do not allow tanning to be repeated more
frequently than every 48 hours. Outdoor tanning should not be more frequent
than every 48 hours.
7. Exposure to UV radiation such as from a sunbed, causes skin aging and
increases the risk of skin cancer. Repeated exposure increases the risks.
8. It is not advisable to use a sunbed and tan outdoors on the same day.
9. If you feel as if you are itching or burning while using a sunbed get off the sunbed
immediately and ask the staff for advice. If you get sunburnt, indoors or outdoors,
it will not ‘fade into a tan'. This is a myth and in fact the damaged skin will be
more likely to flake and fall off.
10. Sunburnt skin can result in long term damage and inevitably make the tanning
process take longer, not shorter.
11. Tanning is a gradual process, not instant. It is possible to speed up the tanning
process by the use of tanning accelerator products.
12. Every person tans at a different rate and therefore it is impossible to predict
how quickly you will tan. Depending on your skintype, the staff will give you a
tanning regime for you to follow.
13. Every person has a ‘tanning plateau'. This means that no matter how good a
sunbed is, there IS a limit to how brown you will go.
14. If you are only just starting to tan, it is important to realise that it may take several
sessions before seeing a colour change. This does not mean that the sunbed is
not working. Building up gradually is the safest and most effective way to tan.
15. We recommend clients have no more than 60 sessions per year, and no more
than 3 sessions per week.
16. Please ask our professional staff for any further advice on tanning.

This Information is to be used in conjunction with rules, regulations and guidelines provided by the NZ government
and Standards for solaria in addition to in house rules at megaSun.
It is the sole property of,
Advanced Suntan Solutions Ltd and Absolute Tan Ltd trading as megaSun New Zealand